Online Fax vs. Regular Fax

Faxing can be very handy in any environment, allowing easy transfer of documents from one person to another. A fax is encrypted and secure, allowing the document to remain protected during transfer, something that is needed when dealing with sensitive information, such as financial information and business contracts. This is a definite advantage over using email to send these documents. Often times electronically signed documents are also not considered legally binding, and being able to have a physical signature sent to you very quickly can be a major advantage in a competitive environment. There are also many companies that will not allow for scanned documents to be emailed to them, sending a fax will allow the bypassing of the postal system.

While faxing itself is useful, even modern fax machines can be incredibly frustrating to use. Fax machines have a tendency to break down, and in a business environment this can mean a loss of production. Office fax machines can also be very expensive, something that can be an unnecessary cost to any business when there are alternatives. Fax machines are also only able to send to another fax machine, something that can be a large issue when the other party doesn’t have a fax machine, or their machine is broken down. Online fax has several large advantages over traditional faxing:

  • No special equipment needed, just use the same computer already used for daily use
  • Documents are able to be sent just as securely as through a traditional fax machine
  • Documents are able to be sent to either a fax number or an email
  • Utilizing digital transfer the documents are often there faster than a fax machine is able to dial, especially when a machine isn’t able to connect the first time
  • A dedicated phone line is not required, further reducing the cost and equipment required to send a fax
  • Able to send and receive multiple faxes at once, no busy signals
  • Able to send and receive faxes from any internet connected location  making it perfect for home commuters
  • Able to send the image in color
  • Higher quality images in a variety of formats, allowing it to be customized for the receiver based on how they want it
  • Allows for paperless transmission as many offices are trying to reduce the amount of paper they use

There is no real advantage to having a traditional fax machine over using online internet faxing. The costs are significantly reduced, with less equipment and hassle needed. They make sure that an important fax isn’t missed because the machine is busy. The only real disadvantage can be if someone isn’t as computer knowledgeable there is a bit of a learning curve.  Switching to internet fax is a good move for any business or individual, with many benefits over the old analog and digital fax machines.