PBX Phone Systems Video Phone Capability

A private branch exchange phone system, or PBX, is a telephone exchange service that only serves on office or business. Using a PBX allows a business to customize their phone system, providing extensions to everyone in the office without having to work solely through the phone company. Originally used more as an actual switchboard of old, modern PBX’s now use voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, to offer services that many times were not available on a standard phone line, or were years ahead of being offered to the public. There are several advantages to switching to a VoIP PBX, including:

  • Cheaper to set up and operate due to lowering technology costs, making it affordable for even a small business to use
  • Allows access to unlimited extensions and voicemail boxes
  • Fax to email support
  • The ability to ‘park’ a call and answer it at any other phone on the network
  • Easy integration with video calling
  • Ability to put multiple types of music on hold
  • The ability to log in to a phone number from any phone connected to the network
  • Automatic ring back to get a hold of busy clients
  • Easy setup of an auto dialer
  • The ability to answer someone else’s phone when they are on an important call
  • The ability to log calls and see exactly how many calls an employee is taking and how many calls they take
  • Easy recording of calls to ensure quality

The problem many small businesses had with PBX’s in the past was the high entry cost. With the advances in technology VoIP PBX’s have increased in reliability while also reducing costs associated with creating the network. There are reliable companies that will allow the outsourcing of the creation and maintenance of the network, spreading the costs along a group of other small business. This can be extremely helpful in a bad economy, when every dollar counts and needs to be stretched as far as it can go. Using VoIP PBX can not only help to decrease costs, but if used well it can increase productivity.

Using VoIP PBX reduces several issues that can come up with video conferencing. Many of the major companies have compatibility issues with each other, but they are compatible with VoIP’s protocols, allowing you to speak with clients that use different providers. This can be a big help in communication with clients. Flying employees across country is something that can outrageously increase costs for any company; even larger companies can have issues with the rising costs. Video conferencing will allow face to face interaction without sending large groups of employees flying across the country. Utilizing a VoIP PBX will make all of this much easier, and for a fraction of the cost of what can be charged for a dedicated video conferencing system.