Online Faxing: The Basics

Internet technology has dramatically changed the way we manage our business and personal documents. It has also helped to lower the overall cost of receiving and sending faxes to your home or office. The idea was launched in 1995 and has taken off like a world wind since then. However, if you are new to this you may be wondering exactly how it works.

Definition Online Faxing

There are many names for online faxing such as e-fax, web fax, internet fax and electronic faxing but they are all the same thing. It is simply a way to send and receive fax transmit ions via the internet medium. To avail this method you must have a broadband line as well as a fax phone number.

The purpose of an Online Faxing Service

There are several thing needed for online faxing and a service provider for online faxing see to these things. They manage the assignment of phone numbers, serve as the online conduit for transmissions as well as storage of documents in a secured location. There are a wide variety of providers available and each offer plans fit for businesses small and large as well as personal use.

How Faxing Online Works

All service providers of online fax site have hundreds of servers located worldwide dedicated solely to the transition of their customers faxes. Each document sent from a regular land dwelling fax machine it converted to a electric state to enable quick sending. Once it reached is destination point it reverts to it original form. The whole method requires no paper and the time it takes to process is so fast that it is immeasurable.

The Online Fax Process

Regular fax machines use a phone line that is dedicated to transmit information, it scan the paper imputed and send it to a similar machine on the other end. If there is already a fax incoming, you must wait for it to finish and then send, depending on the size of the file, your wait could be a while. Online faxing is performed from any electric smart device such as a PDA, mobile phone, I pod or computer. All that is needed is internet access. You can make the document to be faxed on your device or even send a paper document to a online fax number. There is no limit to the amount of faxes that can be received at once which make this a much more viable option.