Online Faxing Benefits

Like most things these days, faxing has also moved online. In its move, a host of trends have been brought to light that show the benefits of this advancement. Of course the general benefits include saving your valuable time, money and well as ease of use.

Environmental friendliness

Traditional faxing is one of the most energy wasting of all office actions. Large pieces of complicated equipment that use a large amount of paper, ink as well as a high amount of electricity had some of the worse yet less thought about negative impact on our environment.  When a person or business moves heir faxing online, there is no need for boundless reams of papers or cases of expensive and non eco friendly toner. Also, since online faxes are delivered to your email, you don’t need to use extra energy for an additional machine in the office. Documents can be shared online countless times, so unless there is a need for a wet signature, most people opt not to print.

Economic friendliness

Currently in the States, our economy is in the midst of a great slowdown. Small and large companies alike are looking for any way to cut cost and reduce waste. Changing your business model over the internet based faxing help reduce both cost and waste. This is also more convenient and will likely remain a permanent change once the economy improves.

Number carry over or Porting

Previously, when you changed phone providers or even from regular fax to internet based faxing, you lost your number. This could prove to be an issue if you have a large base or a long standing number. Most companies allow you to use your old number free of charge at a nominal fee.

Cost savings

à        Traditional machines are no longer needed

à        A separate phone line for the fax is no needed

à        Reduces cost of ink and paper

à        No need to print prior to faxing

à        No special hardware required

à        Most faxes come with free personal numbers

International expansion options

Although the economy has slowed down, most business are still looking to expand their operations internationally, An online fax helps such group as there is no equipment needed to send or receive faxes and the same numbers can be used regardless of where you happen to be traveling. Also there is no open or closing time for online faxing.