PBX Phone System Basics

A business or office telephone system is any type or range of multi line phone system. These work for small ones to large private ones. It differs from other phone set-ups that are simply multi-line. With a professional PBX system, you are able to use all line from different hand sets or stations that are set up on the system. You are also given extra features such as call waiting or call handling.
PBX is shorthand for Private Branch Exchange. This is a private phone setup or network that is typically used inside of a company or office building. The joint users of the internal PBX office system all share a certain number of external phone lines for placing phone calls outside the office.

These days, there are a few varied options for PBX style phone system:
• Hosted/Virtual PBX
• Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

These days, most offered systems have become highly sophisticated. Some are conventional and other utilizes IP protocol. Conventional PBX basically manages calls that come in and go out automatically. It uses regular phone lines provided by major companies such as Verizon. It simply route them t the proper recipient or office extension. It has the ability to manage several line at once as well as routing calls made from inside the office to outside locations. They are managed by a computer with tailored software but also have a console for manual control ability.

IP PBX systems have the same functionality of regular PBX except it offers more than the aforementioned. You are able to switch between VIOP and regular lands line with this option. It cost less than a conventional system as you don’t need two separate networks to function. Softphones area also available with allow you to work without hardware other than your regular computer and a headset equipped with a microphone.

Unified Communications Manager Express is another higher end form that is for companies that need more detailed and personalized options to facilitate their work environment. This is currently only offered by Cisco systems but offers a great IP PBX set up that is made for small business specifically. The cost of management and network associated cost are reduced by a large percentage.

Regardless of the option you choose, PBX systems are a sure way to make your small or large business run smoothly and efficiently