Important Features to Look for in a Virtual PBX Phone System

Choosing the virtual PBX phone system for your business is not difficult if you know the features you want. The most important thing is, these features should adapt to the needs of your business to make the pay worthwhile. After all, the reason why you are going for a virtual phone system is to improve your telecommunication and at the same time, save costs.

Important Features of Virtual PBX Phone system:

1.  Call Forwarding. This is one of the most common but important features your virtual phone system should have.  A reliable phone system should have a sophisticated and highly dependable call forwarding and routing function. Based on your settings, incoming calls will be forwarded to the different extensions specified. If unable to connect, these calls will be directed or routed to a voice mail.

2.  Extensions. Your virtual PBX phone system should have the capability to handle all your extensions. Extensions refer to the additional telephone line connected to the main phone system. It usually has its own number. When you choose your virtual phone system, it is best to find one that can easily be upgraded if in the near future, you will have to add more lines. You also have to consider the price to add more extensions.

3.  Call Screening and Blocking Through Caller ID. What makes a virtual PBX phone system wonderful to use if the fact that you get to make your own settings. Based on your preference, you can screen and block incoming calls because your system has a caller ID. This is important if you are hosting a toll-free number wherein you foot the bill. Certainly, you would not want to waste precious time answering irrelevant calls. You can either block them by giving them a busy signal or directing these calls to voice mail.

4.  Music While On Hold. While waiting for calls to get through, you get to play music in the background or you can play an advertisement for your callers to listen to while waiting.

5.  Dial by Name Directory. This feature has an auto-attendant reading out the names of people or departments you wish to be connected to. With this feature, you get to project a more professional image for your business. A more sophisticated system allows the callers to key in the last name or the first name of the person you wish to call, and it will automatically supply you the whole name and connect you to that person.

6.  Internet Fax. Email fax is becoming a popular way of sending fax via the internet without the need of a fax machine, papers and toners. Your phone system should also carry a feature allows you to send and receive fax.

7.  Voice Mail. There will be instances when calls cannot be attended either because the person is not on his table or he is on another line. Important calls will not go unattended but the caller will have a chance to leave a message and contact number so that his call will be returned immediately. By leaving their name and message in the voice mail, you can return the call promptly and address the caller’s concerns.

8.  Online Call Management.  A virtual PBX phone system allows you to manage your account online. You can easily change the settings, view call logs, access fax and emails, and retrieve voice messages depending on how you want it.

These are some features and functions your virtual PBX phone system should have. It is easier to find the best virtual phone service provider once you know what your company needs.