Virtual PBX Systems

Unlike traditional business telephone plans that charge extra for additional services beyond incoming and outgoing calls, PBX phone system providers offer all-in-one service plans that include a multitude of features at no additional fees. These features are available regardless of the size of the business, accommodating small businesses with less than five employees or mid-size businesses with more than 50 employees.

Whether the hosted PBX phone system service is providing premise-based PBX with VoIP or complete IP PBX, businesses can expect to receive these features included in the price of their monthly service plan:

Rich Phone Plan Features

* Portability, so you can keep your local phone number when switching providers.
* Virtual phone numbers in any area code where you do the most business.
* Toll-free number availability.
* Virtual receptionist 24/7.
* Music on hold while callers are put on hold.
* Distinctive ring tones for different departments.
* Dial-By-Name Directory for customers calling in to your business.
* Mobile phone integration so you can access your office PBX phone system from anywhere.
* Voicemail, including Web-based access and in some instance, a voicemail to email option.
* Remote access to the PBX phone system through a secure Web interface.
* Dashboard that gives real-time status of all PBX extensions.
* Scalability that accommodates your business as it grows.

Valuable Phone Features

* Unlimited calling
* Automated phone calls
* Video phone capability
* Caller ID
* Call Waiting
* Call Forwarding
* Call Transfer
* Call Hold
* Three-way conference calling
* Call logs
* Online fax

Compare VoIP PBX Service Plans

Pricing for VoIP service providers is competitive, so it’s certainly a buyer’s market. Although all VoIP service providers offer basic services and features, some may have plans more accommodating to your business needs and more inclusive in additional features for the same price. For example, one VoIP service provider may include online faxing, while another may limit outbound pages to a certain number each month, yet both have the same monthly plan price. Likewise, some virtual PBX providers may include online storage, while others charge extra for it. Carefully compare the services and features of VoIP service providers to ensure the plan and its price meets your business needs now and as it grows.